Uniquely Designed Jeans That Easily Convert Into High Cut Shorts Either In Front or On the Side

YProject Front Detachable Jeans

Global clothing retailer Open Ceremony is offering two versions of uniquely designed jeans that easily convert into shorts. The first pair is a light blue jeans that detach from the front to create a pair of very short shorts, while the second pair is a dark wash that detaches from the side with a high leg cut.

Like the “Clear Knees Mom Jeans“, these are very bold choices and like “The Pre-Splattered Men’s Jeans“, these cost over $400.

These 2-in-1 Y/Project trousers come in a straight-leg silhouette with slim-fitting, detachable shorts that feature high-rise cutouts along the front. …The high-cut shorts and legs are held together with button tabs along the front and back.

Y Project Detachable Jeans Shorts Back

Y Project Detachable Shorts

YProject Detachable Side Jeans

YProject Detachable Side Jeans

YProject Side Detachable Jeans Shorts

via Someecards