An Animated Poem Featuring Dr. Jane Goodall Talking About Rebuilding the Earth as We Return to Daily Life

In honor of World Environment Day 2020, the legendary Dr. Jane Goodall, in partnership with Ted-Ed, narrates a poem beautifully animated Avi Ofer which points out the ways in which the Earth healed while humanity stayed safe inside. Now, as regular daily life returns around the world, Goodall encourages us all to continue the work that was done to rebuild the environment “…when we all stopped”.

As millions around the world shelter at home, the smog melts away, the birds sing, and the waters run clear. What if we used this moment in our lives and in history as an opportunity to jumpstart the rebirth and rewilding of our planet when we go back to work and school?

The book upon which the poem is based, “What Happened When We All Stopped” written by Tom Rivett-Carnac and illustrated by Bee Rivett-Carnac, is available to download for free.

What happened when we all stopped

Earth on Your Hands

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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