Jack Black Helps Rhett and Link Determine Which Album Cover is the Most Metal One of Them All

Musician, actor and comedian Jack Black joined Rhett & Link on Good Mythical More to help them determine which album cover is the most metal of them all. Among their choices were Surtur Rising by Aman Armath , Holy Diver by Ronnie James Dio, The Number of the Beast by Iron Maiden, The Triumph of Steel by Man O’ War, Beatin’ the Odds by Molly Hatchet (not really metal) and Cannibal by Wretched. The group decided the winner to be Holy Diver.

I think it’s Ronnie James Dio with the long distance runner Satan using the chain and the the magic powers to kill the priest.

Black also joined the duo for a fun round of “Testing Mystery Objects”.

Today we’re playing a game to see if we can test mystery objects and guess their purpose with no context.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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