Iowa Television Station Goes From Black and White to Color for First Time During 1967 News Report

WMT-TV Channel 2 in Iowa switched from its black and white programming to color for the very first time during a news report that took place on April 14, 1967.

Iowa Station Goes From Black White to Color

The news show started with news anchor Bob Bruner and station manager Doug Grant sitting together talking about what viewers could expect. It was when Bruner went over to a separate desk across the stage, that the change took place. Bruner stated that he was honored but perhaps slightly puzzled as to why he was chosen to announce the change.

I feel doubly honored to have been chosen to be the first one involved in our big change because there are so many much more colorful characters around here than this report in the news.

While Bruner was a legendary newsman, he was quite correct about more colorful characters. Look at the way Aunty Jack announced color television in Australia, for example.

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