Internet Archive Is Hosting a Live Telethon in San Francisco to Raise Funds For Their Various Projects

Internet Archive

On Saturday, December 19 at noon, the Internet Archive will be hosting a 24-hour live/live-streamed telethon at their headquarters in San Francisco in order to raise funds for the wonderful work they do. The event will feature a variety of performances, interviews, games and “straight-up silliness”.

We’ll be livestreaming the entire event, and asking the world to make a donation to one of the Internet’s treasures, home of the Wayback Machine and millions of books, movies, software programs and music. Audience members get to participate, watch the madness, and cheer on our acts and hosts as we try to make our fundraising goals. All proceeds from ticket sales go to our Telethon Total, so you’re helping us reach our goals before you even walk in the door!

Tickets to the telethon are available through Eventbrite.

image via Internet Archive