Icycl, A Convenient Frozen Fruit-Flavored Ice Pop Made With Vodka


Icycl is a convenient fruit-flavored ice pop made with vodka that can easily satisfy the need for a frozen treat and the need for a drink in one container.

Take your boozing to frosty (and fruity) new altitudes with the Icycl – Vodka Ice Pops. Is it a popsicle? Is it a fruit sorbet? Is it a slushie? In truth it’s an exciting blend of all three, with delicious alcohol thrown into the mix. It’s like a vodka jelly [jello shots], only refreshingly icy and you don’t have to indignantly suck it out of a tacky plastic shot glass – you get to squeeze, smush and wring it out instead!

Icycl is available through Firebox in packages of six or ten. Each package contains Apple, Blackcurrant, and Lemon/Lime flavors.



images via Firebox

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Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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