Stunning Drone Footage of Volcano Fissure in Iceland

Icelandic drone pilot Ísak Finnbogason captured incredible drone footage of the ongoing activity of the Litli-Hrútur volcano within the Fagradalsfjall massif as it unfolds on a daily basis. Finnbogason is also keeping a livestream of the event going and is available for replay on demand. Finnbogason has been amazed by the incredible beauty of the eruption.

Some things cant be put in words, mind blown at the first day of the new volcano eruption here in Iceland

While this is considered to be a fissure rather than a full eruption, the lava is flowing freely and the area remains unsafe.

 After an 11-month slumber, the Fagradalsfjall Volcano system awakens again. Keep in mind that the eruption site is not a safe area! New erupting fissures and craters can open up anywhere without any notice.

via PetaPixel