A Clever App That Uses Dogs’ Unique ‘Nose Print’ to Identify and Reunite Lost Canines With Their Humans

Pet food company IAMS has launched NOSEiD, a cleverly designed app that uses a dog’s unique nose print to help alert, identify and reunite lost dogs with their beloved humans. This nose print is as unique to each canine as a fingerprint is to a human.

The app scans the dog’s nose and then asks for contact information. Should a dog get lost, the information provided along with the dog’s nasal identification will help return him or her faster.

IAMS created NOSEiD to make it easier for you to reconnect with your lost dog. The app helps you capture your dog’s unique nose print and guides you through what to do in case your buddy ever gets lost. It can even help people who have found your dog get in touch with you faster.



via Moss and Fog

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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