I Think We’re Alone Now, A Haunting Film About the Sole Survivor of an Apocalypse Meeting Another Person

In the haunting Reed Morano film I Think We’re Alone Now, the incredible Peter Dinklage plays the role of Del, an involuntarily reclusive man who is the only survivor of an unnamed apocalypse. His main purpose in life is to remove and bury the dead before rummaging through their houses for necessities. Del is so relegated to this solo existence that when a mysterious woman named Grace (Elle Fanning) suddenly appears in his life, he’s unsure what to do with her presence. As with her work on The Handmaid’s Tale, Morano weaves a rich, complex character story. Despite this being a post-apocalyptic film, very little attention is paid in regard to exactly how the world ended.

Director Reed Morano is more intrigued by who’s left—the psychologies of these unmoored characters, the idea of a recluse thrust into companionship. What does the end of the world mean to a guy who had nobody in his life? Impeccably crafted, full of humor and beautifully observed moments, and with a tinge of social satire, Morano’s understated sci-fi vision is a poignant contemplation of loneliness and human connection.