A Disgusting Parody of the Lighthearted Classic 1973 Country Music Song ‘I Love’ by Tom T. Hall

In 1983, a parody album entitled The Rhino Brothers Present The World’s Worst Records featured disgusting, yet very funny cover of the classic country music song “I Love” by Tom T. Hall. Called “I Like“, artist Heathen Dan substituted some rather racy lyrics into the otherwise wholesome song.

The Worlds Worst Records

I like smokin’ me some grass
Gettin’ cut with glass
Sniffin’ my cocaine
and pain

I like noses full of snot
Dead things when they rot
Belchin’ just for fun
and scum

And I like you, too

I like smackin’ little boys
Breakin’ all their toys
Needles in my arm
and harm

I like spearin’ little dogs
Eatin’ little frogs
Screamin’ in the night
and fright

And I like you, too

I like knuckles when they pop
Screamin’ at a cop
Bugs around my ears
and tears

I like steppin’ on a nail
Spittin’ in a pail
Cookin’ me a rat
and bats

And I like you, too

I like lizards in the grass
Smelling’ raunchy gas
Slippin’ on some ice
and lice

I like catchin’ me the flu
Snails in a stew
Armpits when they’re wet
and sweat

And I like you, too

I like chancres on my tongue
Sniffin’ monkey dung
Scumbags of all sorts
and warts

I like barfin’ on nice rugs
Chewin’ little slugs
Leeches suckin’ blood
and mud

And I like you, too

I like layin’ in the sewer
Walkin’ in manure
Coughin’ up some glops
and slops

I like beatin’ up some punks
Odor from some skunks
Smellin’ garbage burn
and worms

And I like you, too!!!!

Here’s the far more positive original version.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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