Adoring Husband Learns How to Apply His Wife’s Makeup Before She Completely Loses Her Sight

In 2017, Des Monahan, a wonderfully adoring 84 year old husband who was concerned that his 83 year old wife Mona would no longer be able to do her own makeup due to her deteriorating eyesight, went to the beauty counter at a Debenhams department store in order to learn how to properly apply it for her. Over the course of 8 months, a kind makeup artist for Benefit named Rosie O’Driscoll showed Monahan how to apply full face makeup, which he can now do at home.

After meeting make-up artist, Rosie O’driscoll at their local Debenhams’s store, Des began practicing how to apply a full face of make-up for the first time in his life. Their regular lessons have taken place since last October but it’s only now, eight months later, that Des has mastered his new skill and can apply Mona’s make-up from the comfort of their home.