Caring Humans Create Fake Lap for Their Insecure Cat

Our cat has become SUPER clingy now that we both work from home. We had to improvise… from r/aww

When bubobaby and her husband began working from home, their calico cat Ziggy found herself much more needing of human attention than ever. The caring humans came up with the very clever idea of creating a fake lap to console her clinginess.

We have two sisters but this one is very clingy with us. We generally can give them a lot of attention but sometimes we have long conference calls which we could do with her being occupied. …When I have a 1h conference call it gets difficult because she gets quite vocal, starts trying to climb on my desk, batting at my headset wire, etc – almost as if she’s telling us off for making noise.

They tried different variations, but the method that worked best was a pair of trousers that were stuffed with a duvet cover to look like legs were inside, a pair of running shoes below and a pet-specific heating pad within. This hilarious, but highly functional cat bed assuaged the kitty’s insecurities and allowed her humans to get some work done.

A duvet cover, plus a heated mat in one of the legs… We tried just the trousers with the heat mat inside but she wasn’t sold!