A Poetic Montage Featuring 100 Filmmakers Around the World Capturing Connections They See Around Them

Filmmaker Dan Mace has created “HUMANKIND (see the world in 4 minutes)”, a short but beautifully poetic montage, which features 100 filmmakers from all over the world, each capturing footage of the connections to which they bear witness along with those they make themselves. With this project, Mace thoughtfully put a spotlight on an often overlooked fact – the incredible universality of love, kindness, compassion and the courage to make change.

You have a dream, the need to feel somewhat significant, which you are.. but you need to know it. Adventure and uncertainty keep you wondering, keep you curious to learn. But most importantly you need connection, connection to people. Now more than ever. The point of the imagery on the screen is to showcase the unseen. Hidden in plain sight. A lens with no boundaries, no script, just 100 filmmakers with a dream. Across 100 different cultures, from east to west, imagery un touched, unprocessed.