Incredibly Realistic Human Skull Bowls

Artist Jeremy Ciliberto of Catacomb Culture creates incredibly realistic human skull bowls. These spooky receptacles are made out of food-grade resins that have been poured into detailed bespoke molds, cured, and decorated by hand. Ciliberto offers a choice of bowl color along with an option a blessing or spell.

Hand crafted signature Catacomb Culture bones cast from custom molds with hand poured food grade resins. Custom Colors & Effects…Spells/blessings are only cast on products at your request. All spells are performed by a certified & experienced shaman minister.

These bowls and other “boneware” can be purchased through the Catacomb Culture Etsy shop.

Human Skull Bowl

Human Skull Bowl Blueberries

Human Skull Bowl Chips and Salsa

Human Skull Bowl Spaghetti

via Born In Space