How Wonder Woman Arose From a Back Page Debut to a Forceful Female Symbol of Societal Progress

Filmmaker Kristian Williams who is also known as “kaptainkristian” has created a really thoughtful video essay taking a look at the rise of Wonder Woman from a debut in the back pages of All Star Comics Number Eight (despite the fact Batman and Superman got their own covers) to the forceful symbol of societal progression that the character has since become.

It’s strange that a character with so much cultural influence has been largely left out of that culture for so long and the argument has always been made that one woman isn’t as marketable because she’s not as familiar a character as Batman or Superman but that’s only because she’s never had the chance to be. The world needs more Wonder Woman because we need more people like Wonder Woman, the champion of self-confidence compassion and tolerance and a reflection of all the progress we’ve achieved as a society and when you distill all those values into that logo then you have a symbol of purpose.