An Innocent Girlfriend Angers Her Self-Righteous Burner Boyfriend by Asking ‘How Was Burning Man?’

In a rather realistic parody by Kevin Oeser, a dusty, suntanned excitable guy (Bob Turton) returned home from Burning Man to extol the incredible experiences to his girlfriend (Lee Margaret Hanson), who had never been. He was happy to share until she innocently asked “How was Burning Man?”, a question to which he directed all of his self-righteous playa anger.

How was Burning Man? …It’s just a fundamentally absurd question that’s all. How was Burning Man? You should’ve asked me how wasn’t Burning Man? Burning Man? That’s cute …ok don’t beat yourself up. Let me say this, the burn was everything I needed it to be, everything I wanted it to be. Plus none of that. It was spiritual, physical, mental – it was everything it was literally everything. …You can’t get it, you literally cannot get what Burning Man was. It’s like trying to explain that to you would be like trying to explain the Bhagavad Gita to a jar of sand.