How to Use a Tape Measure to Determine Age

In 2009 vlogger John Linneman, aka Hey Scuba, shared a neat tape measure trick that he learned while “working at the shipyards”. Linneman explained how by folding a tape measure at the last two numbers of a year, 109 for 2009 in this case, someone’s age can be easily determined by finding the year they were born and flipping the tape measure over. The number on the opposite side will be that person’s age during that year.

We’ve gone past 2000 so we’re going to take this down to 109 and we’re going to leave it right there. That’s going to represent the year 2009. …you point to a year. Let’s say that my mother was born in 1938 so we pinch 38 and we turn it around what’s it say right there? 71.

via Miss Cellania

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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