How To Stay Strong in the Face of Adversity

An insightful and timely essay by The School of Life, animated by Deanca Rensyta, looks at strategies to remain resilient and have the courage to keep going strong in the face of adversity

Much of the reason why we give up far too soon, fall into despair and abandon our projects is not because things are hard per se but because they are harder – far harder – than we had ever expected them to be. It isn’t necessarily difficulty that sinks us; it’s bad notions about what a noble task should legitimately demand.

They also explore how the modern education system doesn’t necessarily prepare students for the realities of life.

The educational establishment would at last recognise that we make people strong not by enchanting them with descriptions of magical opportunities, but by being aptly honest about how every life goes, starting with our own. It isn’t in any way either cute or kind to educate a young person for a world that doesn’t exist.