How to Repurpose IKEA Furniture and Shopping Bags

IKEA Canada has provided very helpful instructions that show how to repurpose and recycle IKEA items.

For instance, they show how their iconic blue FRAKTA shopping bag can be reused in a constructive manner that helps the environment in a small way. Simply take a bit of string, attach a shopping bag and use it as a planter. Many of these bags can turn a wall into a lush FRAKTA hanging garden.

Learn how to turn your old FRAKTA shopping bags into a hanging garden.

They also shared how their FABRIKÖR shelf can be made into a terrarium, how their BLANDA bowls can be turned into a birdhouse, and how their IVAR cabinet makes a perfect beehive. IKEA Canada has included many more creative repurposing projects on its website.

Each instruction booklet shows you step-by-step to make your old things new again. For instance, you can turn an IVAR cabinet into a beehive or create a terrarium out of a FABRIKÖR with these easy-to-use instructions.

These projects are a part of a larger campaign to make little changes in everyday lives.

IKEA’s commitment to sustainability doesn’t end at our front door. With the launch of Repurposeful Instructions, IKEA wants to help breathe new life into old furniture that might otherwise end up in the landfill.

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Lori Dorn
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