How to Make the Most of One’s Time by Visiting Memories on a Regular Basis

The School of Life addresses through animation, the concept of making the most of time by going on a journey through one’s memories to recall a time or adventure that brought forth happiness. Using quiet time to simply stare at a wall provides the perfect opportunity to search one’s mind and follow the trail to the when and where you were, what you did and how you felt. Recalling memories can help one to relive some of the same joy felt at the time. Plus, it’s free.

When we can’t sleep, when there’s no wifi, we should always think of going on Memory Journeys. Our experiences have not disappeared, just because they are no longer unfolding right in front of our eyes. We can remain in touch with so much of what made them pleasurable simply through the art of evocation. We talk endlessly of virtual reality. Yet we don’t need gadgets. We have the finest virtual reality machines already in our own heads. We can – right now – shut your eyes and travel into, and linger amongst, the very best and most consoling and life-enhancing bits of our past.