How to Make Mascara Out of Oreo Cookies

Katherine Ward of xxmakeupiscoolxx demonstrates her recipe for a DIY mascara hack using Oreo cookies as the primary ingredient.

So for this mascara you are going to need Oreos…a spoon, a plastic bag, a mixing bowl, some face or eye primer, some rubbing alcohol, some tape if you want to decorate your container, a little container and a cotton ball.

It’s an interesting hack that seems to work, but there are some interesting concerns that arise—the first being eye safety. Also, the mascara probably smells like Oreos, which is only good for a limited amount of time. It’s probably not waterproof, so don’t cry, go out in the rain or snow, wear contact lenses or have an allergy attack when using this formula, unless the idea is to have Oreo smelling goop running down one’s face.

Finally, as Buzzfeed noted, the cost of the hack may not be worth it.

The cost of materials: $40.45 plus tax.

Rubbing alcohol: $2.29
Nivea Lip Balm (or empty jar): $2.49
Bag of cotton pads: $1.99
Small mixing bowl (purchased in a set): $5.99
Spoon: $1.34
Zip-loc bag (purchased in box): $4.40
Smashbox Primer (travel size, as shown): $15.00
Limited Edition Oreo Minis: $6.95

But the cost of drugstore mascara…… $6.99

Despite all that, Ward gets a very high score for her creativity.