How to Find Fulfilling Work That Appeals to the Passionate Side of One’s Nature

The School of Life offers incredibly good advice with an animation adapted from Roman Krznaric‘s book “How to Find Fulfilling Work” that focuses on how to find career satisfaction with step-by-step pointers that help narrow in on what will ultimately make a person feel fulfilled. One such step is finding confidence in oneself.

Be confident. So many bad self help books were about confidence, it could be tempting to dismiss the whole topic as nonsense but in a peculiar in rather humbling way it really does seem as if the difference between success and failure is sometimes nothing less than the courage to give it a go. The ability to imagine oneself into a role, to surmise one doesn’t need to ask anyone for permission that many the top positions simply belong to those who dare to boldly as for them. A lack of confidence is at heart a misunderstanding the way the world works, it’s an internalized feudalism which imagines that only certain people, but not oneself, have the preordained right to get certain things. It isn’t true, as we know lot more is possible. That we might think are moments of timidity and doubt that’s a start up the path towards a job we won’t regret on our death beds, which should always be the ultimate criterion

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Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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