How Monty Python’s Mix of Postmodern Absurdity and Political Satire Influenced Shows Like ‘Rick and Morty’

Jared Bauer of Wisecrack takes a deep dive into the iconic Monty Python comedy troupe and how their particular mix of postmodern meta-narratives, absurdity and political satire that challenged English history and its imperialism in a rather obvious manner that was still very British in nature. The genre, referred to as “Pythonesque”, influenced such works as Rick and Morty, Deadpool and South Park.

Just look at comedies today ‘South Park’, ‘Rick and Morty’ or even ‘Deadpool’. All hilarious in their own unique ways, but without Monty Python, they probably wouldn’t even exist. Monty Python paved the way for comedy as we know it combining absurdity satire and postmodern reflexivity into some of the most influential and quoted comedies ever…they defied convention concocting, a brand of comedy so singular that a word has been created just for it – ‘Pythonesque’ today their brand of humor permeates every facet of the comedic landscape.