A Handy Online Tool That Calculates Exactly How Long It Would Take to Binge a Television Show

Can I Binge

Designer Brian Yung has created “Can I Binge”, a truly handy online tool that calculates exactly how long it would take to binge a television show that that is either current or has already run its course.

Can I Binge? helps you figure out how long it’ll take to binge a TV show. Maybe it’s that one show you’ve been meaning to watch, or the show that your Twitter mutuals have been raving about, or the show from your childhood that just started streaming.

Can I Binge The Mandalorian

Can I Binge The Wire

Can I Binge Friends in 3 Weeks

Can I Binge I Dream of Jeannie

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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