Talented Cook Explains How He Keeps His Watchful Cats So Calm While They Observe Him Prepare Food

Cat Sniffing Food Watching Cook

Jun Yoshizuki of Jun’s Kitchen whom we know to be a fabulous cook and prepares food under the watchful eyes of his two beloved longhaired orange and white cats Haku and Nagi, explained how he trained his cats to be so calm around food. He also talked about his cats for walking on a leash, going for bicycle rides, playing fetch and whatever it is that makes silly Poki, the black and white cat, do what he does for fun.

Cats are really curious …anything new in the house is exciting and interesting for them and they just want to smell it and engage with it. So if you engage your kitties with your cooking by letting them smell the ingredients then it’s entertaining for them to watch what’s going on. Once they memorize the ingredient, they either lose interest..or go crazy for it.