‘How Comics Were Made’, A Wonderful Book About How Classic Newspaper Comic Strips Were Printed

Seattle technology journalist Glenn Fleishman is raising funds through Kickstarter to publish his hardcover book How Comics Were Made: a Visual History of Printing Cartoons, a really informative history of comic strips from the beginning.

I’ve combined years of research and the diligent collection of unique comics printing artifacts with dozens of interviews with cartoonists, historians, and production people to tell the story of how a comic starts with an artist’s hand, and makes it way through transformations into print 

The book also explores significant points within comic strip history

You’ll find out the exact weekend that Charles M. Schulz stopped crosshatching the face of his groundbreaking character Franklin and started using dot patterns; see “the week that wasn’t,” a historical set of Doonesbury strips in 1973 that Garry Trudeau had to pull when John Ehrlichman resigned from the Nixon Administration;

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Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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