Hospitals Are Playing ‘Here Comes the Sun’ by The Beatles Each Time a COVID-19 Patient is Discharged

Whenever a patient who had been hospitalized for COVID-19 is discharged from the Northern Westchester Hospital in Mount Kisco, New York, they are given a wonderful departing gift. The heroic healthcare workers line the hallways to give the patient a round of applause while The Beatles‘ classic song “Here Comes the Sun” plays over the loudspeaker in the background.

Here Comes the Sun! Every person who leaves the hospital is a win and celebrated by our staff. We play “Here Comes the Sun” over the loudspeaker each time. Today we heard the beloved Beatles song a lot, sounding sweeter each time. Including for 80+ year old Rita shown here.

This wonderful practice, known as “Code Sun” is being done at hospitals across New York state and the rest of the United States. Claire Panke, a pediatric nurse at Lenox Hill Hospital in Manhattan explained to WNYC how the song offers hope to all involved.

via Secret NYC