A Unique Heat Sensitive Edition of ‘Fahrenheit 451’ That Can Only Be Read by Applying Fire to the Pages


In October 2017, we wrote about the upcoming heat sensitive editions of the iconic Ray Bradbury novel Fahrenheit 451, which can only be only be made readable by applying fire to the pages. Publisher Super Terrain is now offering an opportunity to pre-order one of one hundred and fifty signed and numbered editions.

We are launching the pre-sale campaign for the first 150 copies, signed and numbered, of our special edition of Fahrenheit 451, the science fiction novel by Ray Bradbury. Inspired by this dystopian fiction, in which firemen track and burn books, this limited edition of Fahrenheit 451 appears like a black and carbonized block, that has to be heated to temporary reveal its content.

Fahrenheit 451 Flame Closeup


Fahrenheit 451 Page

F451 Flame to Page


submitted via Laughing Squid Tips