Having A Pet Is Good For You, Even If You Haven’t Been Born Yet

Having a pet can be very good for your health. Petting an animal, particularly cats and dogs, can relieve stress and lower blood pressure. Pets can also help with depression and assist with daily tasks, but, as explained in this video from MinuteEarth, pets can also assist in strengthening the immune system in utero.

Slobber and pet dirt may also be a benefit too, especially if you happen to be an unborn baby. Dogs, and also cats, influence the microbial communities in our home so much that if your mother lives with a cat or dog while she’s pregnant with you, you’re about 30% less likely to suffer from allergies as a child. This sounds kind of crazy and we don’t know exactly why it happens, but the most likely explanation is the “Hygiene Hypothesis“.

It’s as good a reason as any to adopt a pet.

video by MinuteEarth