Gorgeous Handmade Pies With Intricate Geometric Designs That Have a Punny Caption to Go With Them

In December 2017 we wrote about the very talented Seattle pastry chef Lauren Ko and her beautifully designed handmade pies and tarts with clever punny names. Since that time, Ko has continued to create these gorgeous desserts, many of them with wonderfully intricate geometric designs and a funny and/or punny story to go with them. For example, the pie in the first image was inspired by a unusual source not usually associated with food (in the traditional way).

Tile icon. This design was snatched from a grungy public restroom. I swear, my logic is ground. If you don’t believe me, just crust that it’s floor than meets the pie.

Block and awe. Tuesday kiwing the game with a curds-eye-view of this papaya lime curd number. Taking grains and breaking tarts.

Baublestone. So you’ve lustered up the wherewithal to invite *them* over. Although your place is rough, you’ve polished it until it sparkles. You set the stone with candle light and long-gem roses, and have prepared a pasta dinner so you can get your carbon. You stay jewel as a cucumber, and the night goes off without a hitch. The sink is full of dishes but you don’t carat all. You’re floating on cloud shine.

Floral of the story.

A berry tale come true.

Not even kidding hue, and no, it’s not a pigment of your imagination—this is truly the Rico Mauve of tarts. It’s plumthing out of a magic winederland, and is a perfect meal for adults and/orchids. I really amethyst excited about how grape it is. Iris I could send you dinner, but I’ll settle for raisin a glass to all my ladies and magent(a)s.

via My Modern Met