Handmade ‘Doctor Who’ TARDIS Jewelry Box That Appears to Be Bigger on the Inside Through the Clever Use of Storage

TARDIS Jewelry Box Closed

Massachusetts-based crafter Caitlin Thornton of Lucky Lycan Designs has created a wonderful jewelry box made in the image of Doctor Who‘s beloved TARDIS that has clever storage making the inside seem much bigger than it is on the outside.

Made from balsa wood, this box is very light weight which is perfect for any type of shelving or surface. The outside features all the necessities of any good type 40: polymer clay lantern, it’s very own police call box sign, and of course, the most adorable Pull to Open sign in existence.

While the standard options are either for Doctors Ten and Eleven, Thornton appears willing to be very flexible with the design.

Everyone has a favorite doctor, if Ten or Eleven aren’t yours, please feel free to specify which you’d like to see for your TARDIS when choosing “OTHER”. Now for the interior design. As in the images I have some options: a simple space motif painted with acrylics, or a decoupaged TARDIS interior motif matching the doctor of your choice. The matching interior motif is meant to embody the overall look and feel of the specific type 40. If you choose “OTHER”, again, please specify what you’d like to see in the notes!


TARDIS Jewelry Box Front

Universe TARDIS Jewelry Box

10th Doctor TARDIS Jewelry Box

images via Lucky Lycan

via Mighty Mega

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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