Gorgeous Handblown Glass Spiders

Lampwork artist Nikita Drachuk of Glass Symphony creates gorgeous but slightly creepy handblown spiders of various species. Each delicate arachnid is so stunningly realistic that it seems likely that at least one of them will strike. These and other glass creatures are available for purchase through Drachuk’s Etsy shop.

Have you ever seen so many spiders of different colours and shapes at one place? Whatever your answer is, just take a look at these gorgeous and sometimes creepy little ones. We bet you won’t resist a temptation to buy them all! So welcome to a glass spider world performed by means of lampworking technology.

Glass Symphony is a three-generation family business dedicated to an art that takes years of training.

Glass Symphony» is a small family private studio. We’ve been engaged with glass figures for three generations. My grandpa taught this craft to my father who in turn taught me. …We deal with art called ‘lampwork’. It is the art of making glass figurines melted in the flame of a gas burner glass. This is the process of creating exclusive glass figurines and compositions. They are exclusive because all the compositions are handmade.

via Dude I Want That