Veteran Broadway Lighting Technician Shares What It’s Like to Work on a Show as Successful as ‘Hamilton’

The New Yorker went backstage at the Richard Rogers Theater in Manhattan to speak with veteran Broadway lighting technician Patrick Rizzo to learn more about what he does and how he got started in the business. Rizzo also opened up about what it was like to work on Hamilon, one of the most successful shows in Broadway history.

This is something special. This is not the way it is in every show. You know most shows don’t last. You really honor yourself when you’re here doing Hamilton. It is a special thing it’s not normal. We’ve been having a standing ovation for four years. I’ve never had that here. I’ve had a standing ovation as the first year, some nights are better than others. …having a standing ovation every night some four years straight you know they’re seeing history.