Grateful Dead Fan Builds an Incredible Miniature Replica of the Band’s Legendary ‘Wall of Sound’

While stuck at home during the lockdown, Grateful Dead fan Anthony Coscia decided that he wanted to build a miniature version of the band’s legendary short-lived, but brilliant sound system known as the “Wall of Sound”. Coscia, who is an architect by trade as well as a part-time luthier, took several months to complete the monumental task. The finished model, entitled “Petite Mur De Son” (Mini Wall of Sound) features 390 working speakers and stands close to 7 feet tall. Once this one is fully complete, Coscia plans to build a larger version.

Recreating the Grateful Dead’s Wall of Sound in 1/6 scale. This is the first of increasing larger Walls with an end game of resurrecting the Wall of Sound as a permanent installation. Funded by Coscia Guitars – a labor of love!

via Open Culture