Grace Helbig and Mike Rugnetta Race to See Who Can Make and Drink a Shot of Thanksgiving-Themed Slurry the Fastest

Grace Helbig of the Not Too Deep with Grace Helbig podcast recently interviewed PBS Idea Channel host Mike Rugnetta. As part of Rugnetta’s visit, Helbig challenged him to something called the “Blend Can Challenge”–rules being that the two of them must open several tin cans, dump a spoonful of each in a blender, blend the concoction, and then drink a shot of it. The entire process was thematically associated with Thanksgiving, with each can being a traditional dish of the holiday, and the rules also required them to say something they were thankful for before taking the shot.

Despite an early lead, Rugnetta falls behind and Helbig eventually comes out the victor, assuming one can consider there being a “winner” in such things. The full interview with Rugnetta is available on SoundCloud.