Gorgeous Modern Minimalist Light Sculptures Crafted From Reclaimed Wood


Designer Paul Foeckler of Split Grain has created a truly gorgeous line of modern light sculptures crafted from reclaimed wood that are minimalist in design, but make a very big impression in terms of style. Several of these beautiful Split Grain pieces are available for purchase through the Split Grain Etsy site.

My Split Grain collection explores the beauty of nature with contemporary design appeal. The exquisite subtleties of wood become the visual focus of sculptures that thoughtfully fit into modern lives and interiors. The project began with me taking notice of an ordinary piece of firewood and thinking it too beautiful to burn. The exterior texture and shape had such organic appeal that I started experimenting. I found that different splitting techniques followed by sawing the form into slices enhanced the cross sections and revealed even more incredible formations and imperceptible grain patterns. The repetition of slices heightened those qualities even more and the addition of light from within unlocked beautiful intricacies across the grain itself. …I use reclaimed wood that I forage myself from the California region. I hope my work allows people to reflect upon nature in both intimate and public contemporary spaces.





images via Split Grain

via So Super Awesome, My Modern Met