‘Glitch Socks’ Designed by Doc Pop Featuring Classic Computer Errors and Gaming Hiccups

Glitch Socks

Doctor Popular, a talented artist and good friend of Laughing Squid, has submitted his concept for “Glitch Socks” currently being voted on in the Betabrand Think Tank. Each pair represents common computer errors (BSOD – Windows), video game hiccups (lvl 25 6 – Pac Man) or coding-related designs (Houndstoof and Errgyle).

We often don’t think about everyday things, until they break. When a screen crashes or a pixel is out of place it catches our attention and reminds us that everything we use comes from somewhere. This series is a mix of original patterns and glitches, along with some classic crashes like the Windows Blue Screen of Death. …When things break we get a peak behind the curtain. Broken pixels and glitched screens are reminders that things aren’t magic. They were created by people just like ourselves. Glitch Socks explores the beauty in watching things fall apart and reminds us that everything has an origin story.

If the the idea receive enough votes, Betabrand will then choose the three most popular designs and raise money through crowdfunding. If the set goal is met, Betabrand will the begin building prototypes.

Betabrand Vote

Glitch Socks

images via Betabrand

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips