Comedian Glen Tickle Is Raising Funds to Film His Original Show About Grief In Memory of His Brother

Comedian Glen Tickle, our friend who is a former Laughing Squid blogger, is raising funds through GoFundMe in order to professionally record his original show “Good Grief: A Comedy About Loss and Being Bad at It“. Tickle wrote this show shortly after the tragic, unexpected death of his younger brother Mark in June 2016 as a way to process his own grief and has since learned that a show like this can benefit anyone who has lost a loved one.

In 2016 my younger brother died in a car accident, and I dealt with it how I deal with everything; by making jokes about it. I’d now like to film a comedy special with this material. I wrote the show Good Grief: A Comedy About Loss and Being Bad at It as a way to selfishly deal with my own grief, but having done the show a few times it seems that other people have gotten something out of it as well. Also my therapist told me it’s not selfish, which is something I talk about in the show.

Tickle also explained why he set the specific financial goal that he did.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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