Citroën France Introduces Seetroën, A Bizarre Pair of Glasses That Help to Eliminate Motion Sickness

Concerned about the prevalence of motion sickness amongst Europeans during the summer traveling months, French carmaker Citroën, in collaboration with the startup company Boarding Ring, created Seetroën, a bizarre looking but incredibly helpful pair of glasses. These glasses essentially eliminate the effects of motion sickness using embedded colored liquid to create an artificial horizon in both primary and peripheral vision. This in turn disrupts the sensory conflict and stabilizes the inner ear. The glasses only need to be worn for about ten minutes for a lasting effect.

(translated) More than 30 million people in Europe suffer from chronic motion sickness. Faced with this problem, Citroen, a brand known for comfort, introduced SEETROËN, the first glasses to eliminate motion sickness. These glasses operate on a simple principle: they recreate the horizon using a colored liquid to resolve sensory conflict.

Seetroen Glasses

Seetroen Woman


Here’s the original ad in French.

via Visuall, Mental Floss

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