Kitchen Utensil Company Makes Reusable Silicone Face Masks to Help Personal Protective Gear Shortage

In the midst of the devastating PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) shortage, kitchen utentsil company Get It Right (GIR) thoughtfully switched gears and began production on a line protective, reusable face masks for the general public.

The mask is made from medical-grade silicone, comes in multiple colors and has a pocket for a filter. The initial kit comes with five filters, with the opportunity to replace them down the line. They can be sterilized either in the dishwasher, with disinfecting products or with soap and water. While these masks are not approved medical devices or replacements for N95 masks, it is a good form of protection to help slow down the spread of COVID-19, particularly for essential workers outside the medical field.

Get It Right was founded upon the notion of finding solutions; that’s how we approach everything we do. When we realized there was a need for protective gear for everyone from healthcare workers to grocery store workers to you and me, we got to work and partnered with our manufacturers to develop a reusable silicone mask. Admittedly it’s a departure for us, but life has taken a crazy turn for us all, and we think we’ve come up with a pretty interesting solution.

GIR also offers a wonderful opportunity to donate masks to essential workers upon purchase.

One kit for you, and one for an essential worker in need. We’ll ship yours anywhere in the world, and donate the other immediately. Please note that in response to extreme demand, we’re fulfilling bulk donations first. We’re aiming to ship customer orders in 2 weeks, and we are moving as quickly as we can to manufacture, package, and deliver every single order.

A number of people are really happy about what GIR is doing. Laughing Squid friend Chris Messina is one of them.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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