The ‘Gilligan’s Island’ Theme Sung as Other Songs

Traveler CherokeePhill has crafted a humorous compilation of various songs that can accommodate the theme lyrics from the classic TV show Gilligan’s Island. On the converse, he also included those songs that go well with the music from the show’s theme. He explains that because the theme was written in Common Metre, a form that easily avails itself to adaptation.

The Gilligan’s Island theme song is what is called a “Ballad Metre” (or Meter). It is also called the “Common Meter”. Each stanza of ballad metre has four iambic lines. Typically, only the second and fourth lines rhyme. Here are 31 short samples of the some of the songs whose lyrics can be sung to the Gilligan’s Island Theme Song and Vice Versa (mostly, not every lyric fits perfectly)

Gilligans Island Songs

via The Awesomer