Stunt Dog Trainer Talks About How She Prepares Dogs for Movies and Television

60 Second Docs visited famous stunt dog trainer Gill Raddings at her center in Oxfordshire, England to talk about what it takes to get a pooch into a movie or television show.

Gill Raddings trains the next Jackie Chans: dog edition. As a stunt dog trainer, she teaches her furry friends in Oxfordshire, England to love the camera. They have been featured in movies like Kingsman, Justice League, and Beauty & the Beast.

Raddings explained her process for training dogs, encouraging good behavior, and what humans need to do in the process.

All my training is based on a positive food reward system which is one of the reasons the dogs love it so much …The best advice I’ve got is being a positive confident person with them. They know when you’re nervous. If they were dumb we couldn’t train them to do all the things they do. They know.

Movie Stunt Dog Trainer Gill Raddings
Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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