Artist Builds Giant Sculptures Using Foraged Branches

New York artist Charlie Baker spoke with Wired about the gorgeous natural sculptures that he builds using foraged branches and other materials that he gathers from natural sources. At the time of the interview, Baker was building a giant pyramid, having finished a giant globe made entirely of mountain laurel branches.

One of the pieces I’m most proud of was a eight foot diameter globe I made out of mountain laurel twigs. It’s a series I wanna create over time of geometric shapes done with natural materials I’m currently working on a pyramid version, slightly smaller.The eight foot diameter ball was very ambitious, this time I’m gonna go a little smaller with the pyramid shape.

Baker also spoke about how he was inspired to do this work and how he ensures that he doesn’t harm the environment while practicing his craft.

I create mostly by weaving materials found in nature. A lot of what I create, I strive to make it look as though it could have grown that way, combining natural material in the most organic way possible. … I just really enjoyed the process of foraging, taking beach walks or walking through the woods and recognizing certain shapes that spoke to me. And it wasn’t until I started playing with some of these materials that I realized I was good at it…As a general rule, I almost never take things that are a thriving, healthy species, I like to take things that are abundant and not in any way gonna harm the area where I took them from.

Baker’s assistant is an adorable rescue dog named Luna.

This is my helpful assistant, Luna. bBefore a piece is done she needs to do one last quality check and make sure everything’s well screwed in and tip top. Sometimes helpful, sometimes not so helpful.

Artist Giant Sculptures Foraged Wood

Here’s more of Baker’s work.