The Elegant Biology of the Giant Manta Ray

Stephanie Sammann of Real Science examined the elegant biology of the giant manta ray, a surprisingly gentle and highly intelligent cartilaginous fish. Samamann explained how the ray’s massive wingspan allows them to propel through deep and shallow waters, how their classification changed, their highly gregarious nature, and most of all, the mystery behind this beautiful sea creature.

The Giant Oceanic Manta Ray is the largest  species of ray in the world, with wingspans   that can reach over 8 meters. …But more than just being huge, they’re also gregarious and often as curious  about human swimmers as the swimmers are of them. And this is because the giant oceanic manta ray is  incredibly intelligent. …And it turns out, giant oceanic mantas are much  more mysterious than scientists even realized.

The Giant Manta Ray
Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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