An Amazing Geometric Cake That Appears to Be Covered In Cherries That Aren’t Cherries At All

Ukrainian pastry chef Dinara Kasko, who is known all over the world for designing absolutely gorgeous desserts that pair sleek geometric shapes with fantastic surface architecture, has created yet another amazing cake that appears as if it is covered in cherries, but the only cherries in the recipe are inside the cake. Kasko created this beautiful cake for SoGood magazine with a unique 3D printed silicon mold available on her site.

decided to experiment with various objects placed in a constrained space. At first, the idea was to pour spheres into an invisible box. However, soon after I decided to replace spheres with cherries. I liked this idea a lot – the cake was supposed to look exactly like real cherries! I used neutral glaze and isomalt decor for green stems and leaves.

Here’s how Kasko created the mold.

via Colossal