Shiny Aluminum Can Sculptures That Feature Gorgeous Geometric Designs Pressed In by Hand

Dented Can Art

Artist Noah Deledda creates dented beverage can sculptures that feature gorgeously intricate designs made entirely by a “thumb driven process”. The process is labor-intensive as Deledda first scrubs the cans of any markings and/or designs. Once prepped, Deledda then bends, folds, creases and rubs the metal to uniformly press a predetermined pattern into the surface. The results are absolutely incredible, but as Deledda states, the design process takes a great deal of practice.

Likewise, crushing denting and creasing become a method to create design, precision, symmetry, and balance. Mind you this process developed over years through trial and error and lots of practice. It’s important to me that this is all carried out by hand without special tools or extraordinary manipulation. The shaping of the can is a thumb driven process that cooperates with the form of the cylinder.

Can Sculpting

via Oddity Central