A Beautiful Geodesic Sphere Made Out of Wood Knots

Talented cabinet maker Keith Williams of Oddball Gallery, who previously turned plywood boards into gorgeous geodesic spheres, created a beautiful 19″ diameter geodesic sphere using a variety of knots from wood he’s collected over the years. Williams sees the knots as something much more profound than flaws.

n the 27 years of my woodworking business, I have never thrown away a knot. Many people see knots as a defect, but to me, knots are the visual representation of a tree’s struggle to thrive. Not all little limbs become big branches, but their combined efforts on behalf of the tree as a whole should be celebrated. Just like human scars, they tell a story of sacrifice and healing. Each of these “scars” has a unique personality and deserves the chance to be appreciated as art.

Wood Knot Geodesic Sphere

Geodesic Sphere of Knots Triangles

Geodesic Sphere of Knots Glued

Geodesic Sphere of Knots

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Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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