The Explosive Genius of The Who’s Keith Moon

Brandon Toews of Drumeo took a deep dive into the innovative and explosive genius of drummer Keith Moon of The Who, noting that while his life was short, his talent lives on as an inspiration to percussionists everywhere.

Keith Moon is one of the most revolutionary and iconic drummers to ever grace the stage. He was a true genius in the world of rock music. His unconventional and explosive drumming style elevated the drums to a lead instrument, infusing the band’s music with energy and dynamics.

While Moon’s style seems chaotic, there was a method to his madness.

His explosive drum fills added a ton of energy to the whose music even in their earlier songs this was an integral part of the band’s sound and he wouldn’t keep a really traditional beat and he would use the whole drum set as a more of a sonic assault all over the place.  He never played the same thing twice …  because Keith Moon is so well known for his over-the-top drum fills and explosive style of drumming his Groove playing often gets overlooked there’s tons of great moments in The Who’s catalog where Keith lays down simple and tasteful grooves.

Genius of Keith Moon