Generous Foster Family Starts a Fun Bucket List for Elderly Dachshund in His Final Years

A sweet elderly dachshund named Morgan was brought to Senior Paws Sanctuary after he had lost his long-time human companion. The 18-year old doxie was scared and alone for the first time in his life. Luckily, a truly generous family who was fostering another older dachshund, took Morgan and fell in love with him.

It was not difficult to find a volunteer who would open their home and heart to Morgan. Morgan adjusted quickly to his new environment. He now had a warm bed and place to call home, in addition he inherited another senior dog companion. Like two elderly men the dogs meandered around the house quickly plopping down in the same spot to rest. Unsure of the time he had left it was decided Morgan would retire with his new foster family. In an attempt to give Morgan a life that most dogs would dream of Morgan’s foster family created a bucket list for him.

The family has also set up a “bucket list” to offer Morgan wonderful adventures in his remaining years. Everyone is welcome to contribute to the effort make memories with Morgan.

Morgan expressed his appreciation for everything that’s being done in an adorable Valentine’s Day message.

via ABC News