Incredible Footage of the Growing Volcano in Iceland That Includes the Sounds of the Continuous Eruption

Iceland blogger Jakob Vegerfors captured incredible footage of the Geldingadalsgos volcano in Fagradalsfjall, Iceland that included the explosive sounds of the eruption. According to Vegerfors, the volcano, which began erupting on March 19, 2021 after being dormant 6,000 years, is growing larger and may continue to spew lava for a very long time.

The volcano is now many times larger than when I first went there and seems to continue with the same strength. It has completely covered the valley floor, and will soon start to flow into the next valley. …They’re saying that lava comes from around 20km depth, from the mantle. This means that it’s a lot hotter than the ‘usual’ eruptions here, and it also means that is it probable that it will continue to flow for a long time – months or years.

via Kraftfuttermischwerk